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Hong Kong Gem Show…. Boom or Bust?

If numbers of bodies in the aisles is an indicator of a successful show for the organizer CMP ASIA then this Septembers HK Show measured up. At times, we walked sideways to slip through people packed pathways lined with ruby, emerald, sapphire and the many shades of Tourmaline and quartz shown by dealers from every continent and country imaginable.

Tons of pearls harvested this year and last command their own floor in the monstrous exhibition space of the ASIA World Expo and the Hong Kong Convention Center. But was anybody doing business.

It seems this year’s exhibition was a tale of two smiles.

One smile from the face of dealers who saw sales rise sharply over last years and the positive pre-rehearsed grin of those whose show could still be a profitable one if only that one buyer would visit. “It only takes one”, was a common refrain.
Rare Earth Mining Co took it’s clues from 20 years as an exhibitor in Hong Kong’s September Show and declined to show in 2011.

As Curt Heher joined the company full time Bill spent the hours of exhibit time to show Curt the ropes and introduce him to the many strategic partners Rare Earth has developed over the last two decades.

He took to it like “metal filings to a magnet” and discovered some great new finds for the inventory.

We chose to pick and choose from the thousands of deals offered from the space paying dealers and it was clearly the right decision. We found exceptional stashes of old stock to add to our extensive inventory.

After the show we traveled to India for an inside look at Jaipur’s dealers inventory and were not disappointed at the colossal purchases we made.

There is a saying that as “Hong Kong goes so goes the rest of the year”, well Rare Earth can expect a block buster year based on the new finds we will be offering at Tucson.