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How have sales been for Rare Earth Mining Co. Inc.?

Our sales have continued to increase 7 years in a row since adding our jewelry line !

Most of you know by now, our well made, handcrafted line of silver and gold uses the best stone combinations in the industry. We manufacture in four different countries with artisans whom we demand exacting perfection, and patience. That concept seems easier said than done. Our failures kept us seeking better and better strategic partners over these last several years. Our own demanding standards are strictly adhered to, and we are very pleased to offer the best finished jewelry that can be bought at reasonable wholesale prices to allow our retailers the profits they need to prosper in this challenging marketplace.
All you need to do is schedule a V-By appointment and see for yourself why Rare Earth has gained so many finished jewelry accounts in such a short span of time. Whether it’s finished or loose goods you search for
Don’t hesitate to call us at 203-378-8672 where Curt, Cynthia or Bill can deliver our promise of remarkable well made one of a kinds.