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Tucson Show Trends

Tucson is and always has been a great place to find new materials as the year starts. This year was no exception however, the material was not new, just that the vein intensified its color and contrast so much that when we showed it to buyers, it quickly became the must have stone for the new spring season of colors.

Savy buyers of style and color were searching for yellow and orange and we had it with the new Orpiment from Java, Indonesia. The material is comprised of 37 different minerals. The dominant colors of black,yellow and orange are made up from Sulphur,Manganese and Arsenic! (No worries it isn’t toxic) just beautiful scenic sunsets in burnt orange and yellow with black lanscapes and colorful bulls eyes and squiggles. It can be called a manganese sulphide but it should be called our hottest seller.

As it was deposited from an ancient volcanic fumerole, this material is in very limited supply though we should have enough for the clever quick buyers reading this blog.