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How have sales been for Rare Earth Mining Co. Inc.?

Our sales have continued to increase 7 years in a row since adding our jewelry line ! Most of you know by now, our well made, handcrafted line of silver and gold uses the best stone combinations in the industry. We manufacture in four different countries with artisans whom we demand exacting perfection, and patience. […]

Can I buy stones from you without a wholesale license?

Yes, but tax must be applied.

Why haven’t I seen these stones at my jeweler?

Many jewelry stores are simply resellers of jewelry and do not have the expertise of knowledge in stones or their setting to offer them to you.

How much are they?

Rarity does not always mean high dollar value. Some of our coolest rocks start at $20.00

What do you do with these?

Many people are unaware of the business concept of providing usual gem materials and shapes to the professional jeweler for setting in Gold or Silver for use in pendants, rings, bracelets and brooches. Most recently we are providing Shop NBC many great items for their jewelry audiences.

Where do you get your stones?

While the answer may not complete your thirst for knowledge you must understand that I have traveled to all the continents many times and I am always searching for new gem materials.

Hong Kong Gem Show…. Boom or Bust?

If numbers of bodies in the aisles is an indicator of a successful show for the organizer CMP ASIA then this Septembers HK Show measured up. At times, we walked sideways to slip through people packed pathways lined with ruby, emerald, sapphire and the many shades of Tourmaline and quartz shown by dealers from every […]