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After a five year career as an Earth Science/Biology Teacher in the Connecticut public school system Bill started his storied business Rare Earth Mining Co. by selling picture jasper way back in the 70’s. While specializing in the jaspers he realized soon after that there was a world of gem materials which interested him.

Today Rare Earth Mining Co. Inc. carries more than 300 gem,fossil,and mineral items.
After traveling to the famed twin cities of Idar-Oberstein in Germany he made connections with cutters and companies who mentored his success throughout the 80’s. Bill became a charter member of the American Gem Trade Association helping to found the organization.
While Rare Earth introduced many new gem materials to Jewelry Designers world wide more than 20 Spectrum award winners used Rare Earth Mining Companies inventory to craft their winning entries. Presently, the company exhibits at the worlds most prestgious Gem Shows at venues around the globe. With more than 5,000 companies who buy gem materials from Rare Earth, Bill has become the leading source for unusual gem materials in the world.