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Addcheck these boxes to add item to inquiryAmethyst Stalactite, Diamond, 14k

AddAmethyst Stalacite SS Pendant

AddFaceted Topaz, Gem Larimar Pendant

AddAmethyst Stalactite, Natural Orange Drusy

AddDrusy long tear drop or stick, Drilled

AddLondon Blue Topaz, Drusy

AddEthiopian Opal, Champagne Drusy

AddAustralian Opal, Caribbean Chalcedony

AddCats Eye Quartz, Crystal Pottery

AddMoon Stone, Blue Drusy Set

AddCitrine, Natural Orange Drusy Inlay Set

AddWhite, Cobalt Blue Drusy Set

AddFire Opal, Bumble Bee Jasper Set

AddAqua, Blue Drusy Inlay Set

AddWhite Stalactites and Malachite

AddMalachite and Green Drusy

AddDendritic Opal and Carved Black Drusy

AddDendritic Opal and Carved Black Drusy

AddWhite Titanium Drusy and Dendritic Opal

AddSnowbowl Opal Pendant

AddSnowbowl Opal

AddMalachite and Green Drusy

AddWhite Stalactites and Blue Drusy

AddWhite Drusy and Larimar

AddLarimar Blue Agate

AddInca Rose Rhodocrosite and Pink Opal

AddPink Tourmaline a Spinel Crystals in Marble

AddHoney Rhodocrosite and Pink Opal

AddSpilel Crystals and Watermelon Tourmaline

AddFaceted Agate and Drusy

AddCoral Sea Agate

AddBulls Eye Rhodocrosite and Pink Opal

AddWhite Stalactite and Green Drusy

AddDendritic Opal and Blue Drusy

AddOrange Drusy

AddTourmaline Diamond and White Gold

AddIndonesia Drusy

AddGold Drusy Vermiel

AddLandscape Agate

AddBlue Topaz & Black Knight

AddAzurite Geode, Azurite

AddNatural Drusy Cloud Pin

AddBoulder Opal & Tourmaline Pin/Pendant








Addfossil pendant

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Rare Stones are at the heart of award winning jewelry

Rare Earth prides itself on bringing the highest quality material to our customers to give them the edge in a very competitive market. Here is an example of a customer taking the material to the next level. Liz Bucheit with Crown Trout Jewelers created a stunning drusy leaf tiara and won first place at the […]

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